2024 Tutorial Speakers

Hyun Jae Kim
Professor, Yonsei University

Title : The Future of Extended Reality (XR): At Perspective of Display Backplane Technology

Abstract : This presentation covers the latest backplane technologies for displays, focusing especially on Extended Reality (XR). By discussing why XR is influential, we aim to provide an understanding of how backplane technologies are crucial in the evolution of future display technologies.

Dae-Gyu Moon
Professor, Soonchunhyang University

Title : Introduction to Micro-LED display technology

Abstract : Micro-LED is a promising candidate for the next generation display technology. This tutorial introduces the micro-LED display technology, including micro-LED devices, backplanes for micro-LED displays, micro-LED pixel arrays, and the related key technical issues.

Changho Noh
Senior Analyst, UBI Research

Title : Key Technologies to Realize Next-generation OLED Displays

Abstract : OLED applications are expanding into areas such as XR headsets that use micro-displays, transparent OLED TVs and IT areas with tandem OLED structures. New applications require changes in existing OLED structures and processes, and new material development for securing high resolution and lifespan. This tutorial will introduce the major issues and recent research and development trends in next-generation OLED devices.

2025 Conference Speakers

Choonghoon YI
CEO, UBI Research

Title : OLED and XR indusry outlook

Abstract : The OLED industry is slowly moving from smartphones and TVs to IT and automotive. The global OLED production capacity for smartphones is 1 billion units, and the Chinese smartphone market is rapidly increasing the use of OLEDs, so LCD lines below 6G will gradually lose their value. The ignition of the OLED market for IT is driving investment in 8.6G equipment. The investment in OLED lines for IT by Korean and Chinese companies is expected to start with tablet PCs and expand to laptops and monitors. Increased investment in OLED for IT will also depress the value of 7G LCD lines. Expectations for micro-OLED market growth are being fueled by Apple Vision Pro. Korean display companies are also investing in mass production equipment in anticipation of MR device market growth. The Korean display industry, which has the best OLED manufacturing technology, will dominate the micro-OLED market.

Sug Woo Jung
Corporate VP, Samsung Display

Title : AR/VR Development Strategy for Future Display

Abstract : In the past decade, application of display technology had been focused on development of TVs, IT, Mobile, and Tablets with qualities such as low power consumption and long operation time in mind. However, customer’s demand for XR (AR/VR) wearable devices becomes larger, so that displays with few thousand PPI has become a necessity in the field of ultra-high resolution display devices including AR and VR devices. In this presentation, SDC’s road-map to expand the AR/VR market will be introduced based on SDC’s plans to overcome the technical hurdles in ultra-high resolution displays.

Daniel Lee (Tai Jong Lee)
VP, Large Display Strategy & Marketing, LG Display

Title : Life with OLED

Abstract : The presentation will explore the applications of OLED displays in our daily lives, highlighting the benefits associated with the ongoing evolution of OLED technologies.

Sungyi Kim
Senior Manager, Hyundai MOBIS

Title : Automotive Display / HUD Trend and Future Display

Abstract : In this presentation, We present Automotive Display trend and requirement from Pillar To pillar display to Rollable display with MOBIS products. And We aim to predict future automotive display and discuss development strategy.

Alexey Menshikov
CEO, Fortell Games, Inc

Title : Next-Gen Mixed Reality: New Horizons for Spatial Computing

Abstract : Join us as we delve into the forefront of mixed-reality technology, dissecting its latest advancements and their profound influence on the gaming industry’s future. Explore the boundless possibilities unlocked by state-of-the-art headsets, tactile haptic feedback systems, and real-time rendering techniques, all converging to craft gaming experiences of unparalleled immersion. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the journey into the into the future of mixed reality gaming and spatial computing.

Dr. Michael Hack
VP of Business Development, Universal Display Corporation (UDC)

Title : UDC’s Phosphorescent OLED Innovation Roadmap

Abstract : In this presentation, we present significant updates and progress with our organic vapor jet printing (OVJP) and present our display efficiency roadmap to ultra-low power consumption that incorporates an all-phosphorescent RGB stack soon being introduced into the commercial market.

Tae-Woo Lee
Professor, Seoul National University/ SN Display Co., Ltd.

Title : Valley-centre tandem perovskite light-emitting diodes

Abstract : Hybrid tandem (h-tandem) perovskite light-emitting diode (PeLED) with organic light-emitting diode was developed. Optical simulations reveal a crucial microcavity structure, the h-tandem valley, enabling high efficiency and high color purity. The h-tandem PeLED achieves a 37.0% external quantum efficiency with narrow spectral bandwidth (£27 nm).

John Brewer
CEO, Amorphyx

Title : A Single Backplane Technology for AMOLED Smartphones, Tablets and TVs

Abstract : G8.7 AMOLED fabs support manufacturing small-to-large-area display on a single substrate size. One of the critical technologies: a TFT scalable from smartphone to TV resolutions while capable of <1Hz and >480Hz variable image refresh rate. Amorphyx’s IGZO Amorphous Metal TFT fulfills the flexibility of G8.7 fab investments.

Jae Kyeong Jeong
Professor, Hanyang University

Title : Progress, Challenge and Opportunities in Oxide TFTs for Application from AMOLED to AR/VR/Semiconductor Chips

Abstract : The presentation will cover advancements in IGZO TFTs, including material enhancement, architectural design, and resolving pivotal issues like high mobility and reliability for high-end AMOLED. Additionally, it will discuss potential applications in AR/VR and DRAM.

Chang Wook Han
Senior Analyst, UBI Research

Title : IT and Automotive Display Technology Trends

Abstract : OLED displays are used in smartphones and TVs, but their applications are expanding into IT products and automotive displays. This presentation will introduce TFT backplane, RGB tandem OLED devices, polarizer-less, and photolithography OLED technologies applied to IT products. It will also introduce automotive display types, performance requirements, and the latest product development trends.

Melissa Wang
COO, Beijing RUNTO Technology Co.Ltd

Title : The competition and ecology of OLED TV and Mini LED in the high-end TV market

Abstract : Global economic fluctuations have polarized people’s purchase of consumer electronics. In this context, we discuss the competition and ecology of OLED TV and Mini LEDTV in the high-end market.

Franco Egidi
Scientific Software Developer, Software for Chemistry & Materials

Title : Accelerating OLED materials R&D through multi-scale modeling

Abstract : To accelerate R&D computational screening of OLED materials and stacks reduced wasteful experiments. We will discuss how to optimize materials and device performance with the multi-scale quantum chemistry and kinetic Monte Carlo workflows in the Amsterdam Modeling Suite and Bumblebee.

Fatima Bencheikh

Title : Realization of organic semiconductor electroluminescent device with unprecedented emission combining both high directionality and high color purity

Abstract : We present an organic semiconductor electroluminescent device that produces light with high directionality and high color purity. These are the first results in the world to show both narrow spectrum and high directionality in an organic electroluminescent device.

Dr. Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth

Title : A novel deep-blue OLED emitter approach combining efficiency and stability by using intra-metallic lanthanide emitters.

Abstract : beeOLED pioneers intra-metallic Europium emitter that offer a unique combination of deep blue single peak emission spectrum, open shell electronic configuration for 100% efficiency, and potential of high operational stability as no organic bonds are weakened during light generation.

Dr. Julia Stolz
Head of Physics, CREDOXYS GmbH

Title : Novel p-dopant concepts for unprecedented freedom in OLED stack design: low absorption and tunable doping strength

Abstract : CREDOXYS’ innovative p-dopant platform based on Cerium complexes enables OLED stack design without compromises. It offers ultra-low absorption for high efficiencies and tunable doping strength, effectively addressing pixel crosstalk as well as next-gen OLEDs with phosphorescent blue emitters.