Welcome to the OLED & XR KOREA 2025! This international business conference draws attention from professionals worldwide in the OLED and XR industries.

The recent investment in an 8.6G line in 2024 has propelled the industrialization of IT OLED forward significantly. The widespread adoption of OLEDs in automotive displays, including Micro OLEDs, hints at a promising future for the OLED display industry. Simultaneously, the XR industry stands on the cusp of a revolution fueled by market diversification, technological innovation, and the revitalization of the optical sector.

Join us on this exhilarating journey to the forefront of innovation. Engage in enlightening workshops and connect with visionaries who are redefining the limits of what’s possible. Welcome to a future where OLED displays and XR technologies converge, shaping reality as we know it.

※ Participate with the World’s Leading OLED & XR experts

The largest OLED & XR International Business Conference held in Korea, the center of the OLED & XR industry, which provides information on the latest technology trends and future strategies.

※ Opportunity to Global Network

OLED & XR KOREA provides a global network opportunity to exchange the up-to-date information among companies, academia, and research institutes related to the OLED & XR industry.


※ Corporate Promotion Marketing Opportunities

You can promote your company’s products and solutions by participating in the exhibition, and open up a business channel for your company by meeting OLED & XR experts.

※ Benefits of Exhibition

  • 2 Complimentary conference registrations for two days
  • Logo on Official Website
  • Logo on Promotional Materials
  • Five Minute Speaking Opportunity

  • IT / TV / Automotive OLED Display
  • OLED Part, Material, Equipment
  • Micro Display (AR / VR / XR)
  • OLED Software & Simulation
※ XR

  • XR Hardware
  • XR parts, materials and equipment
  • XR-related optical, display
  • XR Software & Simulation

Why OLED & XR KOREA Conference

OLED & XR KOREA is a conglomerate of leading experts in the field of OLED & XR industry

Outstanding programs with reputable speakers
Hub for networking, sharing ideas and seeking new opportunities
Build solid business relationships and partnerships
Meet reliable sources for market/industry forecasts

Networking Time

Networking time with Wine

Keeps the interaction with conversations. Participants will enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, talk about problems, share ideas, and get advice and suggestions.