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What is the biggest issue in the display industry in 2019?

In 2019, 8K OLED TVs and foldable smartphones will be on sale, bringing new vitality to the OLED industry. OLED makers are leading the market with high-value-added products in order to maintain the display industry, which is collapsing due to low-cost LCDs pouring from Gen10.5 lines of Chinese panel makers. The perfect black-based contrast ratio, […]

Samsung Display Expands AMOLED Panel Supply. A Green Light for AMOLED Business?

On October 7, Samsung Electronics announced tentative Q3 performance results. The announced sales figure and operating profit are approximately US$ 46,000 million and US$ 7,000 million each. These figures are an increase of 5.07% from previous quarter’s sales (US$ 44 thousand million) and a 5.8% increase from previous quarter’s operating profit (US$ 6,000 million), much […]