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(2022) Tutorial Speakers

Dr. Jae-Jin Lyu
Former VP, Samsung Display

Title : Overview of OLED Materials and Devices

Abstract : Smartphone 및 차세대 대형 디스플레이의 핵심 기술인 OLED의 발광 원리, 발광재료, 광추출 기술의 동향과 향후 예측 및 Flexible Display의 현황에 대해 논의하고자 한다.

Professor. Chang Wook Han
Professor, Korea University

Title : Key Technologies to Realize Large-Sized OLED Displays

Abstract : The key technologies required for commercialization of large-sized OLED displays will be introduced. They include oxide TFT backplane, compensation circuit, white OLED, and encapsulation. The application technologies of large-sized OLED display such as transparent, rollable, 8K, and sound embedded technology will be also introduced.

(2022) Conference Speakers

Dr. Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst,  UBI Research

Title 1 : OLED Market Review
Title 2 : Anaylsis of China OLED Investment and Business

Title 1 : OLED Market Review
Abstract : Mainly known for growth centered around smartphone-oriented mobile products, the OLED market has achieved significant growth in the TV and IT markets in 2021. OLED is now replacing LCD in all premium products and is expected to become the main product in smartphones and premium TVs within the next few years.
At this conference, I will talk about OLED performance in 2021, future market prospects by application product, and panel makers’ investment prospects and business direction.

Yongsuk Choi
Vice President, Samsung Display

Title : OLED Innovation for Post-Pandemic Era

Abstract : IT display market in the post-COVID era is expected to grow due to the changes in lifestyle and technology.
Samsung Display, the world’s No. 1 OLED manufacturer, continues to innovate and foster the IT OLED market through high-definition, low-power, human-friendly technologies.

HyeonWoo Lee
Senior Vice President, LG Display

Title : OLED, The Evolutionary Experience

Abstract : LG Display has continued evolution and innovation since its first mass production of OLED TV in 2013. As a dominant display technology, OLED has made a new history of displays, driving expansion of high-end market with advanced technology, growing production capacity, and various applications. And now, we are trying to provide differentiated consumer values and experiences through OLED products that have evolved further, the OLED.EX.

Melissa Wang
COO, Beijing Runto Technology Co.,Ltd.

Title : Development of Global High End TV and Role of OLED Technology

Abstract : To introduce the development of global TV display and various technologies, and it mainly expresses as the high improvement of OLED supply chain, and that OLED has cultivated a very important role in TV marketing.

Joong Tae Joo
Director, SCHOTT

Title : SCHOTT UTG – Ultra-thin glass for foldable cover applications and beyond

Abstract : Foldables are emerging as new class of flagship devices. SCHOTT’s Xensation® Flex material family represents ultra-thin glasses, which can be toughened, thereby addressing the requirements of this revolutionary class of devices.

Dr. Joo Koh
Director, Corning

Title : Curved technical glass solutions for automotive infotainment systems

Abstract : As the global automotive industry undergoes the most seismic change since the beginning of its century-long history, innovative automakers are seeking new materials to enhance the driving experience. Technical glass can transform these experiences as designs trend toward digitization with more displays with curved shape, while providing the UX familiarity of a handheld device. Glass as a versatile, enabling material provides automakers with the opportunity to unlock full interior design potential for increased differentiation while its ability to flex into different shapes provides technical, economic, and environmental benefits.

Dr. Michael Hack

Title : Growing Opportunities for Phosphorescent OLED Technology

Abstract : UDC is a pioneer in the development and supply of phosphorescent OLED technology and materials for both energy efficient display and lighting applications. In this presentation we outline how we are ensuring that our PHOLED technology roadmap meets the ever more demanding product performance requirements of future products to expand the OLED market.

Kyung-Bin Bae
Representative Director, Schrödinger Korea

Title : Accelerating OLED Materials Development with Multiscale Physics Simulation and Machine Learning

Abstract : Design of OLED materials is difficult because of open fundamental challenges and manufacturing requirements. Schrodinger’s physics-based simulation, data management, and artificial intelligence (machine learning) platform enables the acceleration of OLED materials discovery and development for high-performance display technology.

Arthur Vauzelle
Technical Sales Engineer, Simbeyond B.V.

Title : Accelerating OLED R&D with digital twins and 3D kinetic Monte-Carlo

Abstract : Research and Development of OLEDs can benefit from computer simulations. The highest level of insight can be obtained with 3D kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. Case studies showing how such simulations can be used to address typical challenges will be presented.

SangHyun(Steven) Ahn
Vice President, LG Display

Title : The present and future of Automotive OLED display : LG Display’s future outlook

Abstract : Today’s presentation contains the change in automotive display by the needs of customer and market, also include the perspective in LG Display’s point of view of the market. Also, what I would like to focus is the value of OLED in automotive industry as well as the present and future of the display

Chul Joo Hwang
Chairman of the board & CEO, JUSUNG Engineering

Title : Next Generation OLED Encapsulation System

Abstract : New form factor displays require thinner and better performing encapsulation processes & system. JUSUNG TSD hybrid system is the world’s first equipment capable of simultaneously performing ALD and CVD processes in one chamber.

Yasuo Nakane
Senior Analyst, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd

Title : OLED industry Outlook, from Japanese brand’s standpoint

Abstract : We analyze competition among OLED/LCD and other new technologies, forecast its future landscape by final products(TV, PC, Smartphone etc.) and end market, as well as panel maker and brand. Also focus on Japanese brands’ strategy on display technology adoption.

Dr. Oliver Haupt
Director, Coherent

Title : Future-Proof Your Display Production – Laser Processes Driving Innovations

Abstract : The Innovation in Display Technology is at an All-Time High LevelSeeking for differentiation and diversification.

New materials, new form factor demand new (laser) processes

Coherent has the broadest laser portfolio and is the only supplier offering all types of lasers and

optics for the FPD industry!

Dr. Harrer Thomas
Director, TRUMPF

Title : 1. TRUMPF Industrial Laser Solutions for OLED and FPD industry

           2. Expanding Optical Solution Range for Innovative OLED processes

Abstract : TRUMPF is a world market and technology leader for lasers for industrial processing. As the market demands state-of-the-art solutions, we’d like to introduce how TRUMPF can contribute to innovating OLED applications with an unsurpassed variety of beam sources.

Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto
Technical Fellow, Sony Group Corporation

Title : Display Technology toward XR Application and Metaverse

Abstract : Recently XR (AR/VR/MR) technologies have been intensively studied. They are expected to create new experience with its unprecedented immersive expression in new application including Metaverse. In this talk, I will introduce our recent development of XR display technologies.

Dr. Chiwoo Kim
CTO, APS Research

Title : RGB Direct Patterned OLED Display for AR/VR

Abstract : The Invar slimming and the state-of-the-art UV laser ablation process can realize the ultra-high-resolution FMM (Fine Metal Mask) fabrication. It is expected that with our FMM sticks and RGB side-by-side OLED deposition technologies, 3000ppi OLED micro-display can be mass produced.

Dr. Chriss Changhun Hwang

Title : Next Generation Plane Source Evaporation Technology for 10,000ppi Micro OLED

Abstract : AMOLED has been started from the point source evaporation technology since 2000 and the linear source evaporation has been being used so far. The plane source evaporation will be used for sure in the future in order to fabricate the ultra-high ppi Metaverse-type display.